Maybe The Most Important Single Document Ever on Traditional Dating and Relationships: A Diagram of Why You Always Fail With Dating and Online Dating

This Could Be Brilliant…

My mission, and the purpose of TroyTalks, is to expose the deficiencies in the traditional dating and relationship paradigm, and to highlight a new, distinctly different way of approaching love relationships.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at my computer thinking about the typical flow of today’s dating and courtship when I realized that it would be incredibly useful to have a diagram of that flow. A diagram would be able to show the enormity of the difficulties and failures — all in a single document.

Starting out, I didn’t know what precisely the diagram would reveal, but a couple of days later, it was complete.

I will warn you that this diagram is large and very data heavy! Some of the Team MM members want to shorten it so that it can be made into a pretty infographic. An infographic would be cool, but it would certainly lose much of the data’s detail.

My Challenge To You

I believe this document may be one of the most important documents ever produced about traditional dating and relationships. It exposes the flow, process (steps), and progression (phases), difficulties, and failures of a typical relationship all in a single picture.

I challenge you to really study this diagram. Observe the flow, note the difficulties, locate where the typical path breaks down.

When you finish, you’ll understand why people fail at dating and why we have a 50% divorce rate.

I haven’t included any explanation of the diagram’s data in this posting. Once you’ve studied the diagram, please come back to the comments section here and tell me what you see, what you understand, what’s confusing, and what you’d like to see explained further.

Diagram Downloads

Diagram for PDF viewing on screen

Right click and select “Save As”:
Printable onto four 8.5×11 sheets. An option if you have good eyes.
Printable onto three 11×17 sheets. This works really well!

Next Up

Now that you understand where and why the typical path fails, the next article, The Gettysburg Address of Relationships: Do You Have A Real Dating Plan?, rebuilds dating and relationships from the ground up. In fewer than 2600 words, I describe in detail: a type of relationship based on deep love, a set of patterns to emulate that produce deep love, and a set of tangible, effective steps to find that deep love relationship. This article renders obsolete literally thousands of dating and relationship books, as well as the traditional relationship itself. Enter the Mirror Relationship!

About Troy

After divorcing from a 22 year traditional relationship of compromise, friction, and work, Troy discovered the Mirror Effect on a first date. The discovery had such a profound impact that it completely changed his views on dating and relationships.

Using the Mirror Effect, when Troy found Judy, their connection was so strong that they fell in love on their first date and were engaged in two months. Together now for five years, they share a deep love relationship of ease and harmony without the work.

Together with Team MM, Troy and Judy work to put people on a path to deep love that doesn’t lead to a 50% divorce rate. Their book, The Mirror Effect: More Than Soul Mates (6 Steps To Finding Your Magical Match Using Online Dating) rebuilds dating and relationships from the ground up to provide a dating and relationship progression that results in the deep, harmonious, frictionless relationships that people are looking for today. Their online dating and relationship website, Magical Matches, is designed to fully integrate the Mirror Effect and the 6 Steps.

Troy’s email box is always open! He enthusiastically encourages you to reach out with your questions or comments.

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